Agape Boarding School

Stockton, MO



About Agape

James and “Ma’am” Clemenson founded Agape in 1990 in their home. They grew and eventually took over an old military base in Othello, WA. There they brought boys to a facility without power, running water or heat; something they would brag about doing later. They forced them to work hard to rebuild the complex and fix it up exposing them to asbestos and possibly other harmful materials. Instead of hiring a contractor and doing things the right way. So the EPA shut them down and they moved.

Agape reopened in Stockton, CA, but quickly found that the state did not welcome the rampant child abuse allegations that kept coming from that place. So Agape moved to Stockton, MO which is now a safe haven for religious boarding schools, hosting other places like Masters Ranch, Circle of Hope, Wings of Faith, Refuge of Grace; at least three of which were inspired by Agape. 

Agape has been abusing and controlling teens with fear for over 30 years. So far they show no signs of closing down but are currently under investigation and heavy scrutiny by the state highway patrol and the state of Missouri. 


                   Founder Jim Clemenson
                        Pastor Tim Burton

                                  Abuse Types Reported by Survivors


Verbal Abuse

The verbal abuse at Agape is constant and can be very overwhelming. When a student first arrives they are placed in boot camp and they have a drill instructor much like what you’d find in the military but meaner. You are told you have no rights. You are their property. You will do as they say and not think. It’s very intense.


Physical Abuse

Agape is extremely physically abusive. They have a “paddle room” where one can often hear screams from some poor teen being beaten with a giant paddle and when he resists perhaps restrained violently. They restrained students constantly; sometimes putting 3 or 4 large staff members on top of a student who was obviously down. They use pressure points and know how to avoid leaving bruises. Many of the staff are ex military including the Marines. 


Mental Abuse

Agape has left a lot of people with depression, anxiety, even PTSD and CPTSD. Their brainwashing tactics like having children memorize Bible verses constantly, go to chapel every night, church twice a week, etc. constitute Religious Abuse but we will put that under mental for the sake of space and time. Agape would have people stare at a wall for days, weeks, even months if they behaved badly. They do not allow you to talk to or make friends with other students. You aren’t allowed to look at any of the women even for a second. You were constantly being broken down by this or that until you caved and did what they wanted. 


Religious Abuse

Many young men after leaving Agape never go back to church. They learn to despise it or are triggered by it. This can lead to an identity crisis of spiritual proportions. 





Sex Abuse

A few young men have come forward with allegations that the staff either sexually harassed them, touched them inappropriately, or sexually assaulted them. Many more have come out and said that the negligence of staff has led to students abusing other students, sleeping with the daughters of staff members, etc. Agape sometimes encourages its boys to stay on and marry into staff, a disgusting cult-like recruitment technique that works well sometimes since the boys are deprived of any contact or communication with any member of the opposite sex except their parents or grandparents.




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