A comprehensive list of agents and agencies that transport troubled teens:
*This list is not intended for use by parents with troubled teens! These transport agents are rumored to use abusive tactics or take teens to abusive programs. Their names, numbers, and info on this page are for research and activist purposes only!
Company: Touchdown Transports 
Owner: Bill & Chris Harper 
Phone: (541)416-8242 
Website: https://www.touchdowninc.com
Company: USA Guides 
Staff: https://youthtransports.com/?page=2_6 
Phone: 888-268-9029 
Website: https://youthtransports.com
Company: United Secure Youth Transport Services  
Phone: 1-833-632-1248 
Website: https://ustransportservice.com/ 
Company: Next Step 
Owner: Anj Maddox 
Phone: (800) 654-0065 
Website: https://www.nextstepyouthtransport.com 
Company: Youth For Tomorrow (Transport referral service) 
Owner: Joe Gibbs 
Phone: N/A 
Website: https://youthfortomorrow.org/Transport-Services 
Company: Helping Teens? 
Owner:  UNKNOWN  
Phone: 1-800-763-3097 
Website: http://www.helpingteens.com/ 
Company: Guardian Angel Youth Services 
Owner: UNKNOWN *May be out of business. Site is down! 
Phone: 435-669-8891 
Website: http://www.guardianangel.cc/ 
Company: Safe Passage Transports 
Owner: Hunter Investigations LLC 
Phone: 770-667-7467 
Website: https://www.safepassagetransport.com/ 
Company: New Start Transport 
Owner: UNKNOWN *May be out of business  
Phone: 801 805-4785 
Website: http://newstarttransports.com/services.php (Website DOWN!) 
Company: Teen Adolescent Placement Services 
Phone: 760-439-2087 
Website: http://www.taps14.org/ 
Talk with a transport a former transport agent on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/hlo41/iama_former_adolescent_transport_agent_ama/ 
Company: National Treatment Transport 
Owner: UNKNOWN  
Phone: 1-833-680-7233 
Website: https://safetransport.com/ 
Company: Vision Adolescent Services 
Owner: John Haywood 
Phone: 714-981-1648 
Website: http://www.vasvc.com  
Company: Center for Safe Youth  
Owner: Staff Not Listed 
Phone: (888) 677-SAFE 
Website: https://www.safeyouth.com/ 
Company: Horizon Solutions (Formerly Troubled Teen Help dot com) Program Transport Referral Services 
Phone: Not listed 
Website: https://www.horizonfamilysolution.com/ 
Company: Troubled Teen Transport (Transport Referral Services) 
Owner: UNKNOWN  
Phone: 1-800-800-8000 
Website: http://troubledteentransport.com/ 
Company: Heather R Hayes 
Owner: Heather R Hayes 
Phone: 800-219-0570. 
Website: https://www.heatherhayes.com/respectful-adolescent-transports/ 
Company: Safeguard Inc.  
Owner: Dana Cox 
Phone: 801-763-1319 
Website: https://safeguardhelp.com/transport-services/ 
Company: Youth Transit 
Phone: 717-979-8335 
Website: https://youthtransit.com/ 
Company: Safe & Sound Transportation 
Owner: Lorraine Colpitts 
Phone: 207-949-1723 
Website: http://www.safeandsoundtransportation.com/ 
Company: Secure Path Transportation 
Owner: Hallahan Investigations / Casey Hallahan (Owner & Transport Agent) 
Phone: 888.809.0960 
Website: https://www.securepathtransport.com/ 
Company: Safe Journey Transport 
Owner: Crhis and Lisa Nielson 
Phone: 1-800-359-7905 
Website: https://safejourneytransport.com/ 
Company: Teen Adolescent Placement Services 
Owner: Tony Palotto 
Phone: 760-439-2087 
Website: https://taps14.org/ 
Company: Extreme Universal Crisis Intervention 
Owner: Evan The BULLET James 
Phone: 310-422-0007 
Websit: https://universalcrisisintervention.com/ 
Company: U.S. Youth Transit Authority 
Owner: Harold Brown  
Phone: 202-749-9956 
Website: http://youthtransport.weebly.com/ 
Company: Guiding Hands  
Owner: Unknown  
Phone: (800) 591-4263 
Website: https://www.getgh.com/ 
Company: Adolescent Guidence Services 
Owner: William Lopez 
Phone: 877.700.3300 
Website: https://www.escort-transport.com/ 
Company: Advanced Adolescent Services 
Owner: Tom Mockett 
Phone: (702-220-8013) 
Website: http://advancedadolescentservices.com/ 
Company: Key of Light Teen Placement 
Owner: Unknown  
Phone: (828) 777-9428 
Website: https://www.teenkeyoflight.com/about/ 
Company: Positive Solutions 
Owner: Unkown  
Phone: 208-503-6070 
Website: http://www.positivesolutions.info/ 
Company: Infinity Agency 
Owner: Randy Cook 
Phone: 435-674-5732 (Office) 435-703-0737 (Cell) 
Website: https://www.strugglingteens.com/archives/1999/12/np03.html